Tea Pods

Flavor Brand Description Count Price
Chamomile Herbal Tea Solera  Soothing and refreshing. Caffeine Free. 18  $8.99
Earl Grey Solera  Black tea blended with Bergamot. 18  $8.99
Green Citron Solera  Green tea and refreshing Citron. 18  $8.99
Green Passion Fruit Solera  Green tea with passion fruit. 18  $8.99
Green Tea Solera  Classic green tea. 18  $8.99
Hibiscus Mint Solera  A healthful and refreshing beverage. Caffeine free. 18  $8.99
Lemon Sunrise Solera  Black tea with lemon overtones. 18  $8.99
Orange Blossom Solera  Black tea with orange overtones. 18  $8.99
Red Raspberry Solera  Red tea with raspberry. 18  $8.99
Tropical Breeze Solera  Black tea with citrus overtones. 18  $8.99
White Lavender Solera  White tea with a hint of lavender. 18  $8.99
Black Chai Tea Terra Leaf  A traditional Eastern blend of teas and spices. 18  $8.99
English Breakfast Terra Leaf  A dark and bold tea. 18  $8.99
Green Pomegranate Terra Leaf  Select green tea leaves with juicy pomegranate flavor. 18  $8.99