Whole Bean Espresso

Coffee Company Description Price
Knee Buckling Espresso Stone Street Coffee  Five coffees make up this awesome espresso. It is full-bodied, with a rich crema and unmistakable velvety elegance. A 100% Arabica blend. $15.95/LB

Lavazza Blue Espresso Capsules

Coffee Description Count Price
Café Crème Dolce 970 100% Arabica blend composed of top-quality Brazilian and Indian beans. Particuarly sweet and velvety with hints of Vanilla aroma. 100 $51.99
Decaf 800 100% Arabica beans from the best plantations in Brazil. The Lavazza Blue Decaf has a sweet and delicate aroma with rich texture. Perfect for an ideal espresso without the caffeine. 100 $51.99
Intenso 940  Exclusive blend of excellent Arabica from Brazil and Central America and Robusta from Southeast Asia. This espresso is particularly instense and creamy with a balanced aftertaste. 100 $51.99

Lavazza Espresso Point Capsules

Coffee Description Count Price
Aroma Club Lavazza Aroma Club espresso capsules feature an exclusive blend of 100% Arabica coffee from the finest growing regions in the world offering a bold yet velvety smooth flavor with a fragrant aroma. 100 $42.00
Aroma Point  Aroma Point espresso capsules proved an intense flavor with excellent body and crema. 100 $42.00
Crema & Aroma  A blend of selected coffees from Central and South America and the finest African and Asian Robustas. Crema & Aroma has a consistent crema and a strong, rich character. 100 $42.00
Decaf  100% Arabica blend. Has a full flavor and rich body. 50 $21.00