Regular Coffee


Roast/Blend Roaster Description Roast Style Count Price
Italian Roast  Barista Prima Rich & Bold Dark   24 15.99
Italian Roast Decaf Barista Prima Robust, Heavy Bodied Dark   24 15.99
Caribou Blend Caribou  Caribou's signature blend. Begins with a delightful heaviness on your palate and finishes with a relaxing balance of savory bittersweet chocolate, earthy and fruity flavors. Medium   24 14.99
Donut Shop Coffee People  Sweet and full-bodied. Medium Extra Bold 24 14.99
Donut Shop Decaf Coffee People  Sweet and full-bodied. Medium Extra Bold 24 14.99
Donut Shop Dark Coffee People Extra Bold Brew, Deep Smooth, and well-rounded with notes of bittersweet chocolate and a hint of citrus. Dark Extra Bold 24 14.99
Classic Roast Folgers Rich, pure taste. Medium   24 14.99
Dark Royal Roast Gevalia Full Bodied, 100% Arabica Dark Bold 24 15.99
Breakfast Blend Green Mountain  This light blend is bright, sweet, and engaging. Light   24 14.99
Breakfast Blend Decaf Green Mountain  This light blend is bright, sweet, and engaging. Light   24 14.99
Half-Caff Green Mountain  This coffee has all the flavor, half the caffeine. Medium   24 14.99

Revv Afterburner



Revv packs more rich, smooth coffee into every K-Cup pack, so you can super-charge your day, without extra sugar or calories. Dark   24 15.99



Green Mountain Intense, Complex, Robust Dark   24 15.99
The Original Eight O'Clock  Our oldest recipe and most iconic roast.  Medium roasted to deliver sweet and fruity notes with a well-balanced finish. Medium   24  14.99
The Original Decaf Eight O'Clock  Medium roasted to deliver the same great taste and balanced flavor as our Original Blend without all of the caffeine. Medium   24  14.99
Colombian Peaks Eight O'Clock Rich and Full Bodied with a Sweet Finish Medium   24 14.99
Premium Roast McCafe Smooth and Balanced Medium   24 14.99
Original Blend Dunkin Donut's Rich, Smooth, Delicious Medium   24 14.99
Dunkin Decaf Dunkin Donut's Full Bodied Medium   24 14.99
House Blend Starbucks  Wonderful balance, crisp acidity, nut and cocoa flavors, and a touch of sweetness from the roast. Medium   22


Veranda Blend Starbucks Nuances of Cocoa and Lightly Toasted Nuts Blonde   22 15.99
French Roast Decaf Tully's  Powerful and intense with a smoky, decadent finish. Dark Extra Bold 24 14.99
Italian Roast Tully's  This full-bodied coffee is rich, robust, and powerful with a long finish. Dark Extra Bold 24 14.99
Hawaiian Blend Tully's

Mild sweetness and elegant simplicity.

Beautifully balanced, paradise found.

Medium Extra Bold 24 14.99
House Blend Peet's Lively and Balanced with a Crisp Finish Dark   22 15.99
Major Dickason's Blend Peet's Rich, Complex, Full Bodies Dark   22 15.99

Flavored Coffee

Flavor Roaster Description Roast Style Count Price
Coconut Mocha Coffee People  Like a rich chocolate donut dipped into your favorite mug! Medium   24 14.99
Nutty Caramel Coffee People Medium roast coffee blended with the taste of toasted nuts and golden, buttery caramel. Medium   24 14.99
Toasted Marshmallow Mocha Green Mountain Smooth, Creamy, Toasty Light   24 14.99
Hot Apple Cider (Seasonal) Green Mountain Cider with a hint of brown sugar and a touch of cinnamon flavor. No artificial flavors or preservatives. Fruit Fall Seasonal 24 14.99
Island Coconut Green Mountain Tropical blend of sweet, creamy coconut Light   24 14.99
Pumpkin Spice (Seasonal) Green Mountain A delicous coffee enhanced by the creamy pumpkin spice flavors of autumn. Light   24 14.99
Wild Blueberry Green Mountain The sweet flavor of juicy sun-kissed blueberries, baked to perfection in a buttery crust. Light   24 14.99
Cinnamon Roll Cinnabon Swirled with Cinnamon, Brown Sugar  Light   24 14.99
Caramel Hideaway Caribou A Deliciously Flavored Coffee with a Kiss of Caramel Medium   24 14.99
Vanilla Cream Puff Original Donut Shop Bold Vanilla Custard Flavor Medium   24 14.99
Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Van Houtte  Enhanced with chocolate and juicy raspberry flavors. Light   24



Hot Chocolate & Other Goodies

Flavor Brand Description Count Price
Cafe Caramel Cafe Escapes  Buttery rich and silky smooth. 16 12.99
Cafe Mocha Cafe Escapes  A perfect pairing of cocoa and coffee for a rich and creamy experience. 16 12.99
Cafe Vanilla Cafe Escapes  A tantalizing cup of the world's favorite flavor. 16 12.99
Chai Latte Cafe Escapes  Flavors of black tea and exotic spices, smoothed by a splash of milk and sugar. 16 12.99
Dark Chocolate Cafe Escapes  An elegant and satisfying dark chocolate experience, with rich European sophistication. 16 12.99
Milk Chocolate Cafe Escapes  Classic favorite. Sophisticated, sweet cocoa. 16 12.99
Hot Cocoa Swiss Miss  Rich and creamy chocolate. 16 12.99